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Annotated Photos Gallery

Images and diagrams for this project are stored in a separate ZenPhoto gallery. Users can browse the gallery without a password at http://www.adapaproject.org/dogphotos/.

Images can be re-used under terms of a Creative Commons 4.0 BY-SA-NC license. Images used elsewhere should have a link back to the originating gallery page, and a text or logo link to the Creative Commons license, similar to the one shown below.

The Gallery has 3 albums:

  • Annotated Images contains image files of individual dogs with embedded IPTC metadata.
    • IPTC tags contain the names of the original creators and source of the image.
    • Images also have "hot tags" that describe the genotype and phenotype of the dog shown. Clicking on any hot tag will display all photos of dogs that have the same tag (meaning, they have the same phenotype.)
  • The Donated Photos album contains images donated by users.
  • The Diagrams album contains all diagrams, illustrations, and compilation panels used in our website and handouts.

We are working on an API plugin that connects our web pages to the photo gallery search tools. For now, please use the Search box within ZenPhototo find images you need.

  • Click on any image to see the original file, tags, and keywords.
    • Click on a tag or use it as a search term to find all images with that tag.
    • Right click and choose "Save As" to download a copy of a photo or diagram.
  • Most images are available in two versions.
    • Use smaller versions of image files (file names end in _lq.jpg) for pages that will be viewed on a computer or electronic device.
    • Use the larger versions of images for printed handouts.

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