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Pet Us, Scold Us, Call Us

We want to hear from you. Tell us what you find useful, what we need to change, or what more we can add. We'll get back to you (right after we finish chasing the neighbor's cat!)

Dr. Dan Johnson, Dept. Biology
Wake Forest University
Phone: 336-758-5320
Email: johnsoad(AT)wfu.edu
Dr. Sabrina Setaro, Dept. Biology
Wake Forest University
Phone: 336-758-3810
Email: setarosd(AT)wfu.edu

To prevent spam, our email addresses have (AT) instead of "@". Change it in your email client before sending. You also can use our handy Online Contact Form.

Other Project Team Members

Tiffany A. Blackburn is a senior undergraduate student majoring in biology at Wake Forest University. Her contributions include (but are not limited to) creating all the photographic panels, selecting many of the images, and most heroic of all, collating 4 years of raw notes and ideas and revising them into a coherent project.

Join Our Pack

Interested in adding to the collection? Want to revise or update a current resource? Have ideas for a new one? Become a project contributor. It's easy-just contact us and ask to have your user account upgraded.

We're Part of a Family of Projects

Teaching Genetics With Dogs is one of several ed-tech initiatives within The Adapa Project(external link). Our consortium brings together educators, students, & others who share a common goal: help ALL students learn science successfully. We work to find or create, test, then disseminate tools and resources that:

  • Embody current research on how people learn, and proven best practices
  • Adapt easily to a variety of settings and local needs
  • Can be scaled up
  • Make science more accessible and engaging for everyone.

Currently unincorporated, The Adapa Project operates under the principles of a not-for-profit entity. Our administrative team calls Wake Forest University (in Winston-Salem, NC) home. Learn more about us here.(external link)

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