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Example Problems

Solutions to the example problems are open for all. Instructors must register for an account to see solutions for all other problem sets.
spcLow Difficulty Problem

A determined male bassett hound mates with a long-legged female black Labrador retriever. Students must explain which puppy from a set of photos is theirs, using a Punnett square to provide evidence to support that choice.

spcModerate Difficulty Problem

Whippets are small racing dogs. Breeders select and mate the fastest whippets, but risk the appearance of a homozygous recessive mutation in the pups that prevents them from racing. Students must calculate probabilities of producing a non-racer, given the probability of the mutation in the general breed population.

spcHigh Difficulty Problem

Students must calculate the probability that a yellow puppy in a litter of black purebreds is part of the family, or adopted. To solve this problem students must identify two separate alleles and estimate probability of observing the variant color.

spcStacked Problem Set

This set demonstrates how to construct a series of questions of increasing difficulty using just one dog as the model. The questions can be posed at different times over the course of a semester as students gain knowledge and skill.

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