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Multiple New Mutations in FGF5 Further Explain Long Haired Dogs

Published by admin on 07-15-2013

For many breeds a mutation in FGF5 produces long hair. Yet that mutation is missing in Afghans and some other long-haired breeds. A new report describes FOUR new alleles that affect coat length, all in FGF5. The new mutations were identified using breeds where the original FGF5 mutation was absent, but dogs still had long coats. Read more.(external link)

Original article: Dierks, C., Mömke, S., Philipp, U., & Distl, O. (2013). Allelic heterogeneity of FGF5 mutations causes the long-hair phenotype in dogs. Animal Genetics, 425–431. doi:10.1111/age.12010. Pubmed Link(external link)